Hell Cannon Terrorist Nest Smoked: The Western media have always made a big issue of Assad with his barrel bombs. But why would Assad strap home made barrels full of explosives to the underside of helicopters and drop them on civilians when he has proffesional munitions at his disposal which would be more effective and much easier to launch and prepare? Curious to say the least? The truth most likely, is that the barrel bomb soundbyte is another western deception as part of their media campaign against Assad. The real issue, regardless of what type of bomb, is whether Assad is targeting civilians, this is highly unlikely as Assad enjoys popular support in Syria. What isn’t a fantasy though is the terrorists and their hell cannons which are home made and do fire cannisters filled with shrapnel and explosives. Images of this cannon are common place in the videos of Syria and its clear to see theat the terrorisists have no problem using them in any given area. These cannons obviously have no targeting system and are indiscriminate in who they might kill.