Heroes of Kindi Hospital: There are so many heroic tales of endurance and bravery from the Syrian War, Kuweires airport, Deir Ezzor and this one from the Kindi Hospital in Aleppo. Kindi Hospital was once a beacon of modern healthcare in Syria. A large newly built modern hospital, until jihadi terrorists with foreign backing laid waste to Syrian society. All that stood in their way was the steadfastness of the Syrian Army and the Syrian people…it’s unbelievable what has been allowed to happen in this country whilst the Western mainstream media wilfully distort the truth to the general public. At the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives the mainstream media are complicit in trying to further the agenda of the imperialist establishment because… they are part of it. Thankfully, the SAA have recaptured the Kindi Hospital along with many other parts of Syria. When the terrorists have finally been defeated, Syria will return to normal and many of the refugees will return there. One can only wonder if then the people of the west that have bought the mainstream media lies might wonder about what the media had been telling them all this time.