Most of the battle hardened and experienced jihadi fighters have probably bitten the dust by now. So to fill their ranks the terrorists have drafted in the noobs, or at least that’s how it appears from this video. On the one hand, the destruction of this vile force is an absolute necessity for humanities sake so situations like this are comical, yet on the other hand there is still a human tragedy.


It’s probably true for most of these jihadi’s that if it wasn’t for the poverty and the poor education, none of these idiots would have taken up arms and been indoctrinated by the Saudi scumbags pushing their fanatical religuos ideas. That said, despite the shortcomings of their past, there can be no forgiveness for what they have done.

Poverty is the root of all our problems in the world. There are millions of people who live in poverty and millions who don’t, but we are all part of the poverty of the human race when this is allowed to happen.