Jihadi Offensive in Aleppo: An assembly of released footage from a variety of sources and incredible footage from the front lines in Aleppo Syria from ANNA news. Translated and uploaded to You Tube by R&U vids. It states in the title video that Putin had declined the resumption of air strikes on Aleppo city. To clarify, The Russian Aerospace Forces are no longer carrying out air strikes on the besieged Eastern Aleppo only, to try and give the civilians a chance to either escape the jihadis who hold them captive or receive aid from the humanitarian convoys. In the rest of Aleppo and Syria the air strikes are ongoing. When the Russian air craft carrier arrives it brings with it in addition to more fighter and bomber jets, a fleet of the advanced alligator helicopters with long range rocket weaponry which will add another dimension to the destruction that can be brought to bear on the jihadi terrorists.





The SAA take out a jihadi commander.



Footage of the SAA fighting the jihadis in South West Aleppo in the Al-Assad district.