The Palestinian militia Liwa al Quds, that fights for the Syrian Government, is kicking ass and taking names. They are currently heavily involved with the siege on Eastern Aleppo where they are operating mostly in the northern sector and have been responsible for recapturing significant areas of land as well as sending large numbers of jihadi degenerates into the after life. Several Palestinian soldiers have received medals in recognition of their service from the Russian armed forces. Setting aside the horrors of war, there seems to be a certain satisfaction in seeing this group of people find their strength. The Palestinians, who, which ever way they try to cut it, had their lands stolen from them and their people murdered by the Jewish militias (and western conspirators) in 1948, when Israel was created. This is since known as al-Nakbah. Since 1948 they have been the victims of a slow genocide.


Footage from the jihadi rats.



Updates from Western Ghouta where the SAA are also making excellent progress against the terrorists.