Latest R&U Video which has the latest battle report from Dayr El-Zor, the current front line between Islamic State and the SAA, hopefully You Tube won’t delete his channel for what must be the 8th or 9th time.


This report is recorded by the Russia 1 channel and features footage of the legendary commander of the Syrian Tiger Forces Suheil al-Hassan. The Tiger Forces have been the ground force primarily responsible for the massive territorial gains that Syria has witnessed over the last six months. Suheil al-Hassan is seen here working closely with his Russian counterparts.


The footage also contains the last footage according to the report, of Major General Zahreddeen, defender of Dayr El-Zor. The Generals vehicle was struck by an IED carrying out a combat mission. As an observer of the Syrian war for some time, it quickly became clear that this man was achieving nothing short of military miracles. He commanded the Republican Guard in Dayr El-Zor (Deir Ezzor) and it was he and his Republican Guard that fended off endless Islamic State assaults for over three years during which time they were completely under siege, ensuring the safety of tens of thousands of trapped civilains inside the city. It’s a story that will surely go down as one of the greats in Syrian history. The impression one gets of this man is one of strength, honour and dignity, traits that seem to be in short supply in the modern world.


He was interviewed a couple of years before Dayr El Zor had the siege broken when there was nothing but rabid degenerate jihadists for miles in all directions. He stated to the camera “We will defend the city until help arrives”…which is exactly what he did.


The 18th of October was a sad day indeed.