The Russian Naval group lead by the carrier flagship Admiral Kuznetsov has joined its Russian Aerospace brothers operating in Syria. Obama’s little pets, the terrorist jihadi filth, are already getting a pretty serious hiding and now that the naval group has begun operations, things are about to go from really bad to a certified burning hell for the rodents. Its going to be cruise missiles for breakfast, air strikes for lunch and a Syrian Arab Army boot in the skull for supper. Of course, its hard to take pleasure in the destruction of a human being, but these disgusting life forms can barely be regarded as human when considering the acts of brutality they have enacted on the Syrian civilians and society, not to mention the kind of society they would like to see installed. To think they were once innocent children who knew nothing of their twisted religious interpretations is certainly sad, but unfortunately they have long been twisted and subverted into truly depraved head chopping, rapist, fanatics. Their time as useful puppets for the west has come to an end it seems. Perhaps that’s why for the first time since the war began, in the last few days, Obama has reportedly ordered strikes on Al Qaeda (Nusra Front and co operating armed gangs) in Syria. The jihadi proxy army has truly failed it seems. The only disturbed hope they have left now is that they get their 72 virgins in heaven as promised to them by their Imams.