Zabadani is a key town  in Syria on its western side, whilst under the occupation of Al Nusra Front it provided the main gateway to secure weapons for terrorist attacks on Damascus, in addition it aided the transfer of terrorists and weapons between Lebanon and Syria. The Syrian Arab Army aided by Hezbollah have been attempting to retake the town after a long siege and many battles. The allegations that the West, Israel and other middle east countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have been aiding the terrorists in Syria persist and are backed by a lot of evidence. Before the fall of Zabadani, Israel attempted to prevent the fall of Zabadani with air support. Reports came out of Syria that an Israeli F16  Jet and two Israeli helicopters have been shot down by the Syrian Arab Air Force as they attempted to assist the terrorists in Zabadani. Syria and Assad stand against Israel and its allies, hence the removal of Assad by IS or similar groups is seen as desirable by Israel, which they have no problem admitting openly.