SAA Counter Attack in Aleppo: Aleppo is still a heavily contested region of Syria, it was the largest city in Syria and the main commercial centre of the country. For much of the war the city was divided roughly in half between the terrorist factions that west likes to call rebels (only when they are in someone else’s country that they don’t like) and the Syrian Arab Army. Now the story is a little different, although the terrorists still have control of a large part of the city, they have lost a lot of ground in the surrounding areas and now find themselves trapped for the most part. They won’t hang on forever which is probably why they are now amassing an army of up to 10 000 terrorists north of the city for an upcoming offensive as they know that, in short, they are done unless something changes radically. This ammassing of terrorists, one wonders where they can draw on such manpower so quickly, well presumably, in addition to pulling together what forces they had in Syria, new fresh foreign recruits have arrived, suitably brainwashed by their Saudi Wahhabi ideology and ready to meet the dozens of virgins in heaven that have been promised to them by their Immam – thats no exaguration by the way. These new recruits must have come across the border from NATO member Turkey into Syria, its the only peice of land that they can acces Syria from in that region and its near impossible for them to have got their by air as Syrian air space is in lockdown by the Russians. In the meantime there are still ongoing battles in the various regions and here we see footage of of the SAA in action take backing land that was captured by the terrorists in a counter offensive.