After more than three years, relief has finally arrived for the city of Deir Ezzor, held to siege by deranged rabid animals, or Obamas little pets as they are referred to in Illuminati circles (allegedly). The Syrian Arab Army in conjuction with the Russian Aerospace Forces have reached the gates of Deir Ezzor. A fantastic moment in this war, one can only wonder at the relief that must be felt by the 80,000 civilians and military personnel trapped inside the city. Had Islamic State been allowed inside the city there would have been mass slaughter and the Jihadists gaining themselves a city.


Let us not forget that the US forces almost facilitated that outcome when they “mistakenly” bombed Thardeh mountain killing 0ver 60 SAA soldiers and injuring over 100. The bombing of Thardeh mountain meant that the SAA had to withdraw and Islamic State took control of a territory they had never laid claim to previously. Curious how the US Coalition could make such a “mistake”. This then meant, that the airfield, which is overlooked by Thardeh Mountain, was no longer safe so all supplies had to be air dropped. The loss of Thardeh, not only killed scores in itself, but had it not been for the resilience shown by the SAA and the population, the whole of Deir Ezzor would have fallen.