The Syrian Arab Army infiltrating an Al Nusra base through tunnels dug by the terrorists.  Jobar Syria.

Translated from You Tube description

Today we will tell the story of a battle dnya. Istoriya associated with a group of saboteurs and underground passages. We have long hesitated to talk about it, as it was a secret operatsiya.ETI FRAMES were removed recently. The liberated territory Jobaria from Al-Nusra Front was discovered underground passage leading to the location boevikov.Izuchiv topography, reconnaissance established in what place will be out of the dungeon. This place turned out to be a house in which there were terroristy.Iz him sweep the space in all directions. Entered a phase of the liberation of the building. On the other side was sent to a highly qualified group consisting of officers saboteurs. Three lieutenants and one lieutenant, early in the morning crept down the underground passage, quietly infiltrated the enemy teritory and obezvredeli time. Following the saboteurs of this underground passage was transferred infantry company, which cleared the zdanie.Vysotka all together with an arsenal of terrorists, was taken without firing a shot. Tactical task is completed without casualties of the Syrian Army. Building and sweep direction brought under control!
Soldiers enjoyed pobede.K Unfortunately, not all frames are clear, the camera during operations sometimes get out of stroya.V this case, use the phone camera.

Militants taken aback by such impudence, when he realized that the house was lost, decided to regain lost ground. Ensued Boy.Neskolko hundred people raking the defenders rushed to the assault.
In aid of the defending infantry Syrian Army commanders threw Sau Acacia, tanks and Shilka are going from the flanks, crossfire established a dense curtain of fire on the approaches to the building. Aircraft delivered in the same series of precision strikes on enemy firing points.