Ataturk Airport Explosions:  On the 28th June, 45 people lost their lives and 230 were injured in a terrorist arrack on Turkey’s larget airport, Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. Anyone familiar with Turkeys founding father Mustafa Kemal, otherwise known as Ataturk will know that he founded a secular country where religion and government are split. If President Erdogan hadn’t betrayed this great mans legacy by pursueing a policy that brought the people of Turkey towards a state that is more aligned with Saudi Arabia than that of the original vision then perhaps Turkey wouldn’t find itself in the difficulties it is currently in. The terror attack is apparently the work of Islamic State, if this is true then it would either be a false flag incident or a change in policy from Islamic State. We can say this with a certain degree of certainty because we know with practically no doubt at all that Turkey has been supporting Islamic State and other terrorist organisations in Syria. So we ask, why would Islamic State bite the hand that feeds it and still get fed by that same hand? Turkey need only secure its border and ensure that no arms or terrorists could flow into Syria and the war would have ended a long time ago. That is just the tip of the iceberg in Turkey’s support which is undoubtedly directed by Turkeys Western masters. Perhaps we will never get to the bottom of the deception the world is witnessing and certain countries are paying for in blood. In any case, another tragedy where innocent families were slaughtered by savages.


The apparent mastermind of the bombings, Ahmed Chataev, is a Russian citizen that has been wanted by Russia for some time. However, after finding assylum in Austria and traveling accross the EU before heading off to Syria to fight he was prevented on several occasions from being deported to Russia after being arrested by the various authorities throughhout the EU. On one such occassion Amnesty International protested his return to Russia on account that he might have been tortured by the Russians.



With respect to the video, I cant help but wonder why the officer that shot the terrorist ran off without shooting the suspect in the head first. If the officer saw that the terrorist had explosives perhaps a bullet to the head would have ensured he didn’t detonate them, instead he ran in the hope he would get far enough away before the explosives were detonated. Hopefully he survived and in no way was that comment a criticism but rather a question born of curiosity.