Brexit Farage victory speech and final speech at EU: Nigel Farage member of the European Parliament and leader of the UK Independance Party has led the United Kingdom to a referendum in which a majority of people have now voted to leave the EU. Had it not been for the pressure Farage and UKIP put on the Conservative party at the last general election, David Cameron would never have made the EU referendum one of his manifesto promises. Farage is thoroughly despised by the European Union, the establishment and its media lackeys. Farage could possibly be one of the most influential persons of the modern era in British politics and he isn’t even a member of parliament in the UK. Will the UK now actually leave the EU or will the establishment find a way to worm their way out of exiting the EU? Will this be the beginning of the end of the EU as other countries decide to leave and will this mark the end of NATO? This is possibly the most significant moment in politics and geopolitics since the second world war?