The Russian flagship and aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier that Russia has (for now) and is en route to Syria. Once in Syria the heat on the jihadi head choppers is going to get turned up to extreme. It will be air strikes round the clock for the takfiri terrorists.  The Admiral Kuznetsov is filmed here sailing through the English channel with its accompanying fleet. The UK press ramped up the Russian hysteria prior to their arrival to try and sell a few extra copies of their shoddy newspapers. Amazingly, the Russian fleet was not there to begin the most obvious frontal attack in the history of military manouevres, but was in fact just passing through as advertised.  Despite the spurious nature of the UK press, the newspapers in the UK do have several useful purposes however, lighting fires, wrapping fish and chips although not recommended and emergency loo roll when caught short on the country walk.