Ukraine War 2015 – Helmet Cam Combat Footage From Novorossian Rebel Assault During Battle The For Uglegorsk With English Subtitles. Novorossian Rebel captured a whole intense combined arms combat operation in urban terrain against Ukrainian troops in Uglegorsk. The assault was filmed with a helmet cam and resulted in the rebel overtaking of the town.

Uglegorsk or in Ukrainian Vuhlehirsk is a city in Yenakiieve municipality, Donetsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine with a population of 7,868 (2013). The city is a district-level city in the Donetsk region, subordinated to the Yenakiyeve city council. It holds 58.9% Russian, 40.1% Ukrainian and 0.5% Belarusian inhabitants.

The fall of the town of Vuhlehirsk is a setback for Kiev, which has been trying to defend it and the larger neighboring town of Debaltseve, an important rail hub, from encirclement by advancing rebels.

All in all this video shows a intense sucsessfull well executed military operation with very good fire discipline, good usage of the terrain and movement of the rebel squads.

Actually Novorossian rebels hold the town but Ukrainian counterattacks to retake the city cannot be ruled out.