At a Kiev protest on the 31 August, this video captures the moment a hand grenade was thrown into police lines. Protests in Kiev aimed at the government and the proposals to decentralize powers. The same militant forces that were used to oust the previous president are now turning against the western backed government that has been shoe horned into power. Perhaps the people of Ukraine realise that what happened to their country was not a movement of independence, they had that illusion dangled in front of them by the oligarchs to motivate them. Now their economy is wrecked, they are at war with their own citizens in the east and that many of the major positions of power now have foreigners like Odessa’s governor Mikheil Saakashvili. Saakashvilli is the former president of Georgia, the same president of Georgia that launched a massive artillery assault on South Ossetia, the Russians were forced to intervene to save South Ossetians but Saakshvilli claimed that Russia had started the conflict which the western media was all to happy to push as their message as well, the investigations that followed proved that Saakshvilli was the aggressor and he lied to the world with the help of the western media. If it isn’t a foreigner in a position of power it is an individual who is answering directly to the West, in short, Ukraine has gone from a country that had divided loyalties between its east and west neighbors, which is exacvtly what it should be considering its geographic position, to a country that is entirely owned and run by the west, and western governments only act in the interest of big business. When the west interferes in a country’s affairs, you will be hard pushed to find an example where the people of that country benefit, we need only to look at Afhghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria for examples in recent times.