The United States, like so many other countries across the globe, has discovered how polarized it’s society really is now liberalism has been shoved down our throats for the last twenty years. Since the election of Donald Trump there have been nightly protests across the cities of the United States.


The mainstream media of the western nations have been pushing “liberal” ideas for a decade or so now very strongly. These ideas, in the main, consist of feminism to the point of subjugation of the male and the destruction of the traditional male role and the normalisation of homosexuality. All these ideas contribute towards the destruction of the traditional family, which this observer would argue is in fact the goal the establishment elites have in mind as they attempt to mould the attitudes of society with these “liberal” value systems they promote in the western world. The people who have bought into these ideas have done so presuming that these ideas represent progression, liberty, love, peace and tolerance. With regard to the normalisation of homosexuality and generally liberal attitude towards sexual intercourse, it also appears that there is a perception that a lack of boundaries with respect to sexual behaviour is representative of “freedom”. In other words, the more free you are to do any sexual act the more free you are as a person. The youth, who are most influenced by the media, represent the largest group of people who hold these beliefs as part of their core set of value systems…unsurprisingly. That said, everyone wants liberty and freedom, its all in the detail though and there are so many possible interpretations. Unfortunately the liberal movement is extremely intolerant of any discussion of ideas outside their own. They have wilfully shoved their ideas in the faces of everybody and shouted down anyone that dares to object with accusations of hate. The hypocrisy and irony is absurd.


This is just one factor that those who don’t subscribe to the liberal movement are absolutely sick of. In addition to the destruction of the traditional family and the promotion of perceived immorality, the opponents to Hilary and the establishment are sick and tired of the corruption and lies within politics, the media and big industry. The vote for Trump, regardless of his shortcomings is an attack on the liberal movement and the corruption that those who voted for him are sick to death of. The vote for Trump was a vote for change and an attempt to take back ownership of the nation to it’s people, away from the political elites and the establishment. Only time will tell if this is a false dawn, if Trump doesn’t deliver, there will probably be blood in the streets.


All the independent freedom movements and commentators who understand what’s going on in the world believe that Trump was a much better option potentially than Hilary. Hillary was a nailed on guarantee to continue on the path to our collective doom, Trump is an unknown but with a “drain the swamp” promise, there really was no choice for those that yearned for change.


In the meantime, the brainwashed products of this “liberal” movement are out on the streets stomping their feet. Never before have people had such strong feelings about matters on which they knew so little. Although, one does wonder if they have in fact all been studying politics, philosophy, psychology and society for the last ten years rather than snapchatting each other pictures of dancing poodles and gay rights memes…unlikely.