Baton Rouge Police Shootout: Following on from the shooting of Alten Sterling, and many other incidents that have made the news in recent years. Whereby it appears as if black males seem to die at the hands of the police in a manner that varies from questionable to outright cold¬† blooded murder. A lone gunmen, Gavin Eugene Long,¬† took it upon himself to seek revenge and he shot six officers killing 3 of them. He apparently acted alone and as a former US marine who served 5 years in the army making the rank of sergeant, he was a well trained foe for the police. He lured the police to the scene with an emergency call and the shootout began according to reports. Gavin was shot dead in the exchange with police. He had attended the Dallas protests earlier in the month where he is alleged to have said to a camera, “It’s only fighting back or money. That’s all they care about. Revenue and blood, revenue and blood, revenue and blood.”