Dallas Shooter kills 5 police: Following on from the recent killings of two black citizens in the US by the police force, a retaliatory attack has occured in downtown Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest march. The suspect, named as Michah Johnson (and black if your wondering) is now deceased after an armed standoff with police, he shot 12 officers and killed 5 of them. According to police there was some dialogue during the standoff where Micah expressed his views, he wouldn’t stand down so they sent in a robot armed with explosives and detonated the explosives once it was close enough to the suspect. This is the first time this method has been used in the US. Seems a bit strange they can’t overcome one man with no hostages, could he not have been supressed with sniper fire until he surrnders, would they not prefer to charge him in a court rather than kill him, perhaps thats a silly question? Two others have been arrested but so far no charges have been brought. Micah was a former US Veteran having done a tour of Afghanistan. According to his family and neighbours, he was always pleasant and never seemed violent. Micah lived in a quite residential area where there was never really any problems according to reports. It sounds like a good man just blew his top one day decided enough was enough for what he saw and probably is, a signifacntly negative bias towards black people who seem to get the raw deal in so many ways in the US. Most areas of extreme poverty in the US are predominantly black communities, riddled with drugs and guns and a culture that appears to this observer to promote selfish and egotistical behaviour. What chance does a young black child have in these conditions, or any child for that matter.


According to police accounts he expressed anger at white Police and said he wanted to kill them, presumably for what certainly appears to be how easily young black men die at the hands of the police in the United States. No one can suggest that being a police officer in a country where there are millions of guns available is easy, but then to be an officer in an environment like that requires, intelligence, skill and bravery. These assets are severly lacking in many officers it would seem. Over 1000 civilians are killed by police in the US each year, with videos of police brutality regularly appearing on the internet, whether it be shooting an unarmed man in the back as he runs away or pinning a man down with such force in a neck hold he dies they always seem unbeleivably aggressive by the Police.

Proportionatley to the population, young black males are much more likely to be victims of police violence than any other group, with the possible exception of Native Americans according to one website, if thats true then that in itself is also shocking. If we look at some general statistics from 2015 there is enough to be quite disturbed. Of a total of 1208 people killed by police:


  • One in five killed were unarmed

  • At least six innocent bystanders were killed by officers during violent incidents.

  • Fourteen percent of killings followed an attempted traffic or street stop.

  • Seven percent after a non-violent crime.

  • The youngest victim was autistic six-year-old Jeremy Mardis

  • Forty-three children under the age of 18 were killed by police

  • Critically, The Counted found that only 255 (of 1200) of the killings, less than 25 percent, were considered “justified” by authorities