Falcon Heights officer kills driver after broken light stop: Every year in the US over a thousand citizens are shot dead by the police. Proportionately to the population blacks get shot more than any other racial group. Its become a regular occurance that videos appear of police officers shooting civilians that are unarmed, tunning away, presenting no danger or simply being beaten to death on the ground by several officers. Very rarely are officers punished in a court of law. Only if there is overwhelming evidence and it has hit the public domain so there is massive presssure does there tend to be a reaction by the authorities.




With millions of guns in the US and millions of desperate people with no future or hope of a better life in possesion of those guns, being a police officer in the US can not be an easy job. One would imagine it requires a great deal of skill and bravery to serve a career in a environment like that. However, it certainly seems to be the case that at least some police officers in the US are not in possesion of that skill or bravery and are all to ready to kill, whether that be at the slightest provocation or just whether its sadism, both seem to apply in many instances.

Here a man is shot dead in front of his girlfriend and 4 year old daughter for what was originally a broken light. According to the girlfriend he went to reach for his ID on instruction from the officer who then shot him 4 times.

In reaction to this and another killing of a black man by police recently, a former US solider has shot dead 5 police officers and wounded several others at a black lives matter protest march. This man was killed by the police using a robot bomb in a standoff between the shooter and the police.