Hillary Clinton is sick: For many months there has been speculation that Hillary Clinton is in fact quite unwell,  possibly suffering from Parkinsons disease. The rumours began when Hillary was seen to be unstable on her feet, needing help getting up a small flight of stairs and bouts of strange head bobbing. In adddition her minders have been spotted carrying syringes that were presumably for emergency treatment. Then at a recent rally, Hillary could barely contain her coughing which led to her coughing up some very nasty substances from her lungs and attempting to spit it out discreetly into her glass of water. Of course this did not go unnoticed. Couple that with her coughing for a large segment of her speech and an ambulance in her motorcade, speculation was at fever pitch. The maainstream media were doing their very best to sweep the story under the carpet with allegations of false theories regarding Hilary’s health. Then, at the 9/11 memorial service, Hilary had to cut her stay short and was then filmed having to be literaly carried into her vehicle. The video went viral and mainstream media were now forced to acknowledge that Hilary was unwell. Then we heard that Hilary was suffering from pneumonia and just a few days after that admission she was looking like “a million bucks” according to long time cheating husband Bill and back on the campaign trail.