Laquan McDonald has been shot dead by Chicago police for no apparent reason, well there certainly doesn’t seem to be a threat posed by the Black teen towards the officers at the scene. Granted he didn’t throw himself on the floor with his hands behind his back but that seems to be enough reason to murder civilians in the states. NewsWars doesn’t often post videos of events in the USA as I try to focus on events of geopolitical importance and major catastrophes. However, the videos that are posted of the US are nearly always of Police brutality towards the citizens of the USA, its definitely a major issue and in particular the black community is on the receiving end of most of it. The US, the country that is the supposed beacon of democracy and humanity is in reality a state with huge inequality between its citizens, very high rates of citizen on citizen violence and the highest rates of incarceration and violence towards its citizens by the authorities. Not to mention extremely high rates of prescription drug use, anti depressants, illegal drug use and and alcoholism. The Police officer responsible has been charged with murder which is quite unusual in these incidents, presumably the video evidence is so damning they couldn’t wriggle out of this one?