Burkina Faso: Splendid Hotel Seige

Splendid Hotel Seige: Another terrorist attack and again its connected to France as its in a former French colony in Africa.  Over 20 People died in the attack on the Splendid Hotel in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, West Africa on friday evening. After detonating car bombs outside the hotel, four gunmen stormed the Splendid hotel Continue Reading ›

Tunisia: IS attack tourists

In Tunisia, a lone Islamic State gunman attacked the imperial hotel in the resort of Sousse. According to eyewitnesses he entered the complex through the swimming pool area, opened fire and threw an explosive, he then went on to the beach and opened fire again. He must have returned back inland as he was eventually Continue Reading ›

Tunisia: IS attack on Tunis Museum

Footage of citizens inside the museum when gunfire starts.

Nigeria: Nigerian military recaptures town from Boko Haram

Nigeria: Boko Haram Under Attack

Heavy fighting against Boko Haram in northern Nigeria in February 2015. Chad, Niger and Cameroon have all sent forces to attack Boko Haram in Nigeria. Civilians celebrate the Chadian military recapturing a town.

Libya: War Zone

Since Gaddafi was removed from power by a western backed violent coup the country has been at war. Its worth remembering that this country had the highest living standards in Africa and there were high levels of government support for citizens in the form of healthcare, energy supply, interest free loans and assistance in purchase Continue Reading ›