UK: Russian Fleet Sails Through UK Waters

The Russian flagship and aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov is the only aircraft carrier that Russia has (for now) and is en route to Syria. Once in Syria the heat on the jihadi head choppers is going to get turned up to extreme. It will be air strikes round the clock for the takfiri terrorists.  The Continue Reading ›

Ukraine: Motorola Assassinated in Donetsk

Arsen “Motorola” Pavlov. 02/02/1983 – 16/10/2016.   Arsen was assassinated by the Ukrainian authorities by way of explosives placed in the elevator in his apartment block and detonated remotely. Arsen had a reputation as a fearsome and highly intelligent commander. He was the commander of the Sparta battalion in the Novorossiya Forces of Donbass.     Continue Reading ›

France: Paris Protests

Paris Protests: Protests against President Hollandes reformation to the  labour laws continue. What also continues is mainstream medias decision to ensure that these protests receive minimal attention. This is now a common tactic amongst western media institutions, they have a pick and choose policy of what news they deem fit to tell you about. A Continue Reading ›

Italy: Earthquake Ruins Pescara Del tronto

Earthquake Ruins Pescara Del tronto: On the 24th of August an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the richter scale struck central Italy. The epicentre was 75 km from Perugia. Over 290 people lost their lives as a result of the earthquake.

Germany: Multiple Terror Attacks

Germany: Multiple Terror Attacks: Germany has seen multiple terror attacks in the space of a week. Monday 18th July a 17-year-old Afghan used an axe to attack passengers on a train, injuring four before being shot by police.  Friday 22nd, an 18-year-old German-Iranian man fatally shot nine people in a Munich shopping mall, five on Continue Reading ›

France: Nice Truck Attack

Warning, Graphic and upsetting content.   Nice Truck Attack: July 14 is Bastille day, a national celebration for the French. On July 14th of this year, there was a fireworks display on the beach in Nice attended by thousands of people. Families, mums, dads and kids. In what can only be described as a sickening Continue Reading ›

France: Protests against labour reform.

Protests against labour reform: Mass protests in France have been going on for some weeks now. The people are protesting against the changes to the labour laws that in effect take away workers rights and privileges and give more power to companies/employers over their workforce. President Hollande who is apparently a socialist, has refused to Continue Reading ›

UK: Brexit Farage victory speech and final speech at EU

Brexit Farage victory speech and final speech at EU: Nigel Farage member of the European Parliament and leader of the UK Independance Party has led the United Kingdom to a referendum in which a majority of people have now voted to leave the EU. Had it not been for the pressure Farage and UKIP put Continue Reading ›

France: Labour Reform Protests

Labour Reform Protests: France has been experiencing protests for a week now after the socialist President Holland – where he gets the label socialist from is anybodys guess – has decided to introduce labour reforms that decrease what people are paid in overtime and increases the amount of hours people must work each week. One Continue Reading ›

Baltic Sea: Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook

Russian Jets Buzz USS Donald Cook: For the second time, the USS Donald Cook gets buzzed by Russian jets. The Western media machine is crying like a child telling the world how awful the Russians are by flying their jets so close to a US Missile ship in International waters, they are so used to Continue Reading ›

Belgium: Brussels Terror Attacks

Brussels Terror Attacks: On the morning of the 22nd March, there were more terrorist attacks targeting innocent civilians. This time there were two attacks, one at Zaventem airport at around 8.00am and one in a nearby Metro station about an hour later. There were two explosions at the airport believed to be carried out by Continue Reading ›

Germany: Cologne NYE assaults

Cologne NYE assaults: In Cologne Germany on new years eve it was reported that gangs of men numbering in their hundreds travelled in to Cologne city centre and in what seemed to be an organised effort they attempted to sexually assault numerous females and assault other members of the public as well as robbing them Continue Reading ›

France: Paris Islamic State Attack

Paris Islamic State Attack: More footage of the appalling terrorist attack on the people of Paris on Friday the 13th, this is outside the Bataclan nightclub and some footage from the stadium. Over 120 people lost their lives after suicide bombers and gunmen attacked restaurants, a bar and concert hall as well as trying to Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Fisherman saves drowning toddler

Fisherman saves drowning toddler: Turkish fishermen rescue refugees fleeing the middle east conflict zones from drowning after the small boat capsized whilst trying to make the crossing from Turkey to Greece.

France: Riviera Flooding

In the French Riviera flooding has claimed 20 lives.

Greece: Refugees

Refugees arriving in Greece on a small boat having crossed the sea from Turkey. These boats have been landing on the shores of Greece in the hundreds. The boat is packed to the brim with people and is just a small dinghy with an outboard motor, it also appears as if no one has life Continue Reading ›

Austria: Refugees

Refugees from the middle east at the Austrian Hungarian border arriving by the thousand.

Hungary: Refugees

Refugees from the middle east in Hungary heading towards Vienna, Austria.

Spain: Catalan Protest

A huge Catalan protest where 1.4 million Catalans took to the streets to show their desire to separate from Spain. Today(27/09/15) there was a referendum on independence.

Ukraine: Violent Kiev Protest

At a Kiev protest on the 31 August, this video captures the moment a hand grenade was thrown into police lines. Protests in Kiev aimed at the government and the proposals to decentralize powers. The same militant forces that were used to oust the previous president are now turning against the western backed government that Continue Reading ›

Greece: Greece Protests at new austerity package

Greece protests the new austerity proposals. Following the no vote the EU finance leaders proposed a new package that was approved by the Syriza government on the basis that it had some important concessions like Greece retaining ownership of its assets. However, it did require the enforcement of more austerity which hasn’t gone down well Continue Reading ›

Greece: Greece no vote celebrations

Greeks are out in force to celebrate the Greece no vote result to a referendum that asked the question if the people wished to accept the austerity package put forward by the EU. German and French banks are the main creditors, their financial representatives in conjunction with the governments of the EU have been lending Continue Reading ›