Ukraine: Donetsk Shelling

Donetsk city has been the target of Ukrainian Arm Forces shelling in recent days despite renewed commitments from both sides to adhere to the Minsk II agreement.

Ukraine: NAF combat footage

NAF 1st Slavyansk brigade “Vikings” combat footage. East Ukraine, Donbass region.

Ukraine: Maryinka under attack

Maryinka comes under fire from the Ukraine Armed Forces, the Novorossiya forces repel the attack.

France: Saint-Quentin-Lavalier IS Attack.

In Saint-Quentin-Lavalier in France, a delivery driver, Yassin Sali rammed his car into a chemical factory causing an explosion. His boss, the owner of the delivery firm he worked for was found beheaded at the site. His body was some distance from the head which was found impaled on railings near by. Sali was caught Continue Reading ›

Ukraine: Fighting resumes

In Ukraine it looks as if the Minsk II peace agreement is dead and buried as Kiev forces have begun another assault on the Novorossya forces in the East.

Ukraine: UAF shelling

Reports of sporadic fighting between the UAF and Novorossya forces have been ongoing since the declaration of the so called Minsk II peace agreement. Lately however it seems to be escalating. Today 3 civilians, including an 11 year old girl were killed in the Donbass region as a result of UAF shelling. Although the government Continue Reading ›

Ukraine: Novorossiya forces withdrawing heavy armour

25/02/15 Donetsk region.

Ukraine: Ukrainian Armed Forces surrender to Novorossiya forces in Debaltseve.

The town of Debaltseve is surrounded by Novorossiya forces and the UAF are exiting the town, this is footage of about 100 UAF forces surrendering.

Ukraine: street fighting in Debaltseve

Despite the Minsk peace agreement and the ceasefire there is still a hot spot of fighting in east Ukraine. The town of Debaltseve has around 5000 UAF troops inside and it is surrounded by the Novorossiya forces. The Novorossiya forces offered a way out for the UAF if they lay down their weapons but this Continue Reading ›

Greece: Pro government, Anti Austerity protests.

15/02/15 Thousands of Greeks have come out in support of the newly elected anti-austerity, Syriza-led government who are current;ly trying to renegotiate their debt with the euro zone.

Ukraine: Donetsk Airport.

UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces) are captured by Novorossiya Armed Forces.  This video illustrates the horror of war for all who are in it. Warning Graphic content.

Ukraine: Rebel Assault on Uglegorsk

Ukraine War 2015 – Helmet Cam Combat Footage From Novorossian Rebel Assault During Battle The For Uglegorsk With English Subtitles. Novorossian Rebel captured a whole intense combined arms combat operation in urban terrain against Ukrainian troops in Uglegorsk. The assault was filmed with a helmet cam and resulted in the rebel overtaking of the town. Continue Reading ›

Ukraine: Donetsk shelling

04/02/15 Donetsk shelling at night as heard from your apartment block window.

Ukraine: Mariupol shelling.

24/01/15 Mariupol was shelled with both sides blaming each other. Western media picked up on this event and stated it was commtted by the anti government forces in East Ukraine however they deny involvement. Dozens of civilian died in this assault.

Ukraine: Donetsk under fire.

22/01/15. Video footage of the aftermath of shelling by the Ukrainian government in the Donetsk Region. A bus was hit killing at least nine people.