Battles for Syria | January 27th 2020 | Reports from Southeast Idlib Front

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Syria: SAA offensive against ISIS in Southern Damascus


Syria: Operation Mayadin

Documentary on the SAA liberation of Mayadin Part 1: An ANNA News documentary, translated and posted by R&U vids.

Syria: Battles for Syria, Ain Tarma – Jobar Front

Latest R&U Video, battles from Syria.

Syria: Al Qaryatayn tragedy

In October 2017, Islamic State fighters launched a surprise assault on the town of Al Qarytan. In the 22 days they held the town captive, until the Syrian Arab Army were able to retake the town. The Jihadist savages murdered over 200 people including women and children. Naturally, you would never hear of an event Continue Reading ›

Syria: Images from the Battle of Deir ez-Zor

Syria: Report from Dayr El-Zor

Latest R&U Video which has the latest battle report from Dayr El-Zor, the current front line between Islamic State and the SAA, hopefully You Tube won’t delete his channel for what must be the 8th or 9th time.   This report is recorded by the Russia 1 channel and features footage of the legendary commander Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA at the Gates of Deir Ezzor

After more than three years, relief has finally arrived for the city of Deir Ezzor, held to siege by deranged rabid animals, or Obamas little pets as they are referred to in Illuminati circles (allegedly). The Syrian Arab Army in conjuction with the Russian Aerospace Forces have reached the gates of Deir Ezzor. A fantastic Continue Reading ›

Syria: Road to Deir ez-Zor  

Syria: Tiger Forces Desert Report

Syria: Battle Reports

You wouldn’t know it from the virtual mainstream media blanket blackout, but the Syrian Arab Army, with support from Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are grinding down the Islamist terrorist savages into mincemeat on a daily basis. The reason why you don’t hear much in the western media is because losing sides don’t usually shout out Continue Reading ›

Syria: Desert Operations

Syria: Raqqa

Syria: Eastern Damascus

Iraq: Western Mosul Destruction

Tour of Western Mosul, now free of Islamic State (for the most part) but virtually destroyed. When Syria and Russia fought to rid Aleppo from the human garbage, all we heard from Western media was how they are killing civilians as they sought to save their Jihadi friends. When Iraq and the US Air Force Continue Reading ›

Syria: Hama, Deir Ezzor

Title video is the Syrian Tiger Forces taking the Jihadis to the cleaners in Northern Hama.  Video below is footage of artillery strikes by SAA in Homs province.     Next two videos are an ANNA news update and footage of the ongoing siege in Deir Ezzor, 85000 civilians trapped in the city with only Continue Reading ›

Syria: Al-Qaboun and Northern Hama

The latest post from R&U vids. The Jihadi degenerates in Al Qaboun in Damascus and Northern Hama are on the wrong end of a severe beating at the moment. In Al-Qaboun its so bad the jihadi groups are now killing each other en masse. Al-Qaboun has been isolated from the rest of Eastern Ghouta and Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo latest and Truce

Now that a short time has passed since the jihadis have been removed from Aleppo, the dust has begun to settle, both literally and metaphorically, some of the realities of what has occurred that were once slightly blurred have now come into sharper focus.   Mass graves of civilians who have been tortured and some Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo Jihadi Rats Crushed

      Now that the Syrian Arab Army has completely smashed the defensive lines of the jihadis and all but completley captured Aleppo, approximately 100 000 civilians have been able to escape the besieged zone and receive humanitarian aid. These civilians that the West seemed so concerned about when they were trapped and held Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo

Things aren’t getting better for the degenerate takfiri terrorists in both Aleppo and all of Syria. 85% Of Eastern Aleppo is now under SAA control. The remaining head choppers must be looking at each other and wondering where it all went wrong. All foreign terrorists will be exterminated which is a pretty significant proportion. The Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo

  It’s been a really bad couple of weeks indeed for the jihadi terrorists in Eastern Aleppo and Syria as a whole. On the 17th of November the south western corner of Aleppo was completely secured, the chances of the besieged eastern sector receiving help from fellow head choppers from Idlib province now was remote Continue Reading ›

Israel: Flames of Terror

Warning…Satire!   Since wild fires have swept across large areas of land in Israel in recent days, Netanyahu has declared fire to be anti Semitic and should be placed on the register of internationally recognised terrorist groups. Some reports have come in that the fire even left burnt images in the form of Nazi swastikas Continue Reading ›