Palestine: IDF Drops Grenade

Another example in video of the true relationship between the Palestinians and the Israelis. An IDF vehicle pulls up alongside some Palestinian youths who are doing nothing wrong and the IDF leaves a lillt gift for them before driving off in the form of a stun grenade.  On the one side a wealthy country with Continue Reading ›

Syria: South West Aleppo

Several videos from the ongoing battle in south western Aleppo, the terrorist rats thought they had broken the seige, but so far, the narrow corrider they opened up to their head chopping colleagues in the eastern part of the city has become a corridor of death with SAA having fire control over the corridor. Thousands Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo Seige

Aleppo Seige: In the last two weeks there have been major changes in the military situation in Aleppo.  The Syrian Arab Army had cut the last route in and out of Aleppo in the north of the city by securing the Castello Road. For the Islamist terrrorists, knowing that this is a most serious situation, Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Coup Attempt

Coup Attempt: On the night of the 15th July, a section of the Turkish military, several thousand in strength attempted a military coup. Ultimately it failed as the rebels made what appear to be some pretty basic errors. For instance they neglected to capture the president and he was then able to rally his supporters Continue Reading ›

Syria: Al-Mallah farms, Aleppo

Al-Mallah farms: A major event has happened in the war in Syria in the last couple of days. The SAA and allies have managed to reach Castello Road in northern Aleppo city, its the last road that the terrorists in northern Aleppo can use to resupply themselves from Turkey… or escape. The road runs through Continue Reading ›

Iraq: IS Baghdad Bombs

IS Baghdad Bombs: On the 3rd of July, Baghdad, witnessed another horrific attack on innocent civilians, just the latest horror in a horror story that now stretches back the best part of 30 years. Over 250 people were killed and hundreds injured after Islamic State suicide bombers detonated their explosives in a busy Shia shopping Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Fallujah Taken

Fallujah taken: The Iraqi government forces and aligned militias have recaptured Fallujah from Islamic State. Good going lads, now keep pushing forward.

Turkey: Ataturk Airport Explosions

Ataturk Airport Explosions:  On the 28th June, 45 people lost their lives and 230 were injured in a terrorist arrack on Turkey’s larget airport, Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. Anyone familiar with Turkeys founding father Mustafa Kemal, otherwise known as Ataturk will know that he founded a secular country where religion and government are split. Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle of Fallujah

Battle of Fallujah: Footage of Iraqi forces fighting their way into the center of the city. Fallujah will soon be under the complete control of the Iraqi government.

Syria: SAA enter Raqqa

SAA enter Raqqa: The Syrian Arab Army have entered Raqqa province as they march towards Raqqa city where they will inflict the final defeat on the Islamic State terrorists if there is any justice in this world. The SAA are in Raqqa for the first time since 2014, they have liberated the strategic Zakiyah crossroad, Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo Intesifies

Aleppo Intesifies: Footage of Syrian government reinforcements preparing to enter the battlefield in Aleppo. The battle of Aleppo is intense, the foreign backed terrorists are desperate to hang on to what they have left and are sending thousands of rockets into the government held civilian areas, meanwhile the western media makes up false and distorted Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Assualt on Fallujah

Assualt on Fallujah: The Iraqi government forces have begun their assualt on the Islamic State held city of Fallujah. To have been a resident of Fallujah in the last 30 years is to have become familiar with hell itself one would imagine.  The residents have endured the invasions and occupation of the Western forces when Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle of Fallujah

Battle of Fallujah: Footage from the operations against islamic State as the Iraqi government forces attempt to retake Fallujah.  

Syria: Assault on Raqqa

Assault on Raqqa: The Kurdish YPG with the support of over 500 US soldiers have begun the push to make an assault on Raqqa. There is some territory to gain before they reach the outskirts of the city but they have recently captured several small towns/villages.   Syria is a war where to the casual Continue Reading ›

Syria: Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta Recent Operations

Footage from some of the Syrian government offensives in Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta.  

Syria: Aleppo,Descent into a living Hell

Descent into a living Hell is the title of this video, it depicts life in Aleppo at the moment with raw footage from the atrocities on the ground. Aleppo is, or was at least Syria’s largest city and major trade hub. For the duration of the war the city has been split into two areas Continue Reading ›

Syria: Hell Cannon Terrorist Nest Smoked

Hell Cannon Terrorist Nest Smoked: The Western media have always made a big issue of Assad with his barrel bombs. But why would Assad strap home made barrels full of explosives to the underside of helicopters and drop them on civilians when he has proffesional munitions at his disposal which would be more effective and Continue Reading ›

Syria: Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopter

Russian Ka-52 Attack Helicopter:  One of the most advanced and formidable attack choppers in the world today, the new Ka-52 Russian scout and attack helicopter is in action for the first time in Syria. This footage is during the liberation of Al Qaryatayn which the SAA and allies liberated shortly after Palmyra, this town was Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Suicide Bomber Has Nowhere To Go

Suicide Bomber Has Nowhere To Go: The Iraqi government is also making sound progress against Islamic State, Iraq seems to get less attention than Syria for some reason in mainstream and alternative news. Perhaps its becasue war in Iraq just seems normal to people these days, much like Afghanistan? A terrible indictment on our subconcious Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA Counter Attack in Aleppo

SAA Counter Attack in Aleppo: Aleppo is still a heavily contested region of Syria, it was the largest city in Syria and the main commercial centre of the country. For much of the war the city was divided roughly in half between the terrorist factions that west likes to call rebels (only when they are Continue Reading ›

Syria: Mi-28 Chopper Hunting Terrorists

Mi-28 chopper hunting terrorists: Footage from the targeting systems of a Russian Aerospace Forces Mi-28 helicopter as it targets and destroys the foreign backed Islamist Terrorists

Palestine: Cold Blooded Murder

Cold Blooded Murder: There is no shortage of evidence that demonstrates Israeli/Jewish disregard for Palestinian life and their rights, however this video puts it into perspective in a fashion that is crystal clear and impossible to deny. On the floor is a Palestinian young Man who has attempted to stab an Israeli soldier and has Continue Reading ›