Syria: Liberation of Palmyra

Liberation of Palmyra: And so….less than a year after the Syrian army were forced to make a tactical withdrawal from Palmyra, when Islamic State Terror cells were activated inside the city and an assault on the city was underway by IS, the Syrian army return to reclaim what belongs to the Syrian people and take Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Istanbul Suicide Bomb

Istanbul Suicide Bomb: On the 19th March at around 11.00am, a suicide bomber detonated the hidden explosives in his vest in a street in Istanbul. He killed 4 other people and injured over 35. The commentators in the video are talking about the woman that walks in front of the bomber and discussing if she Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Ankara Guven Park Terror Attack

Ankara Guven Park Terror Attack: On the 13th March at a public transport hub, a car laden with explosives was detonated killing over 35 people and injuring over 120. The area is in central Ankara and a ver busy location with several busy bus routes converging at this point. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons have claimed Continue Reading ›

Syria: Assault on Terrorists in Latakia

Assault on terrorists in Latakia: The Syrian army utilises their BM-21 Russian grad rocket launchers against terrorists in the Latakia countryside. Needless to say those terrorists must have had a really bad day.

Syria: Palmyra

Palmyra: The Syrian army are advancing towards the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, it wont be long before the seige gets underway and the Islamic State terrorists will be purged by the Syrian Arab army and their air forces. The Russian are still present in Syria despite some forces being withdrawn and they continue to Continue Reading ›

Syria: Battle for Kinnsibba

Battle for Kinnsibba: The SAA captured Kinnsibba in Latakia countryside, the last major insurgent stronghold in Latakia province. For the independant observers of the Syrian war who have hoped for the defeat of the murderous terrorist forces and their sponsors, it would appear that this hope will become realised. Thanks to Russian air power, the Continue Reading ›

Syria: War Footage in Damascus

War Footage in Damascus: Combat footage from Darayya, Damascus. A team of journalists gets caught in a fire fight.

Turkey: Ankara Bomb

Ankara Bomb: On 17 February 2016, in Ankara Turkey, at least 30 people died and 60 were injured in a bombing. The attack targeted a convoy of vehicles carrying both civilian and military personnel who were working at the military headquarters. The Turkish Parliament and military headquaters are nearby. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK) has Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Houthi Operations

Houthi Operations: Depsite The US backed Saudi invasion of Yemen making inroads into large parts of Yemen, the Houthis are not without their own success. Not bad going for one of the poorest nations on earth up against one of the richest with the backing of the worlds largest army. The Houthi’s have managed to Continue Reading ›

Palestine: Shuhada street protest

Shuhada street protest: In the Palestinian West Bank which is occupied by the Israeli Military, another protest takes place, this time against the closure of Shuhada street to Palestinians, in the West Bank city of Hebron, February 26, 2016. Some 150 protesters gathered to mark the 22th anniversary of the closure of the street by Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo Air Strikes

Aleppo Air Strikes: The Russian Airforce, if it is a Russian plane, use an apparently unknown weapon on Hraytan in Allepo province. One can only hope that the Russians are true to their word when they claim they dont bomb areas with civilians in. Its quite likely all the civilians have fled this suburb and Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA uses ATGM

SAA uses ATGM: Footage of multiple hits using a guided anti tank missile against terrorists in Lattakia province. The Syrian Arab Army is close to completely securing the Latakia province having made significant gains in recent weeks with the assistance of the Russian Air Force.

Syria: T90 Tank vs Tow missile

T90 Tank vs Tow missile: Very low resolution unfortunately but a demonstration of the capabilities of the T90 Russian advanced tank.

Iraq: IS Suicide Car Bomb

IS Suicide Car Bomb: Footage of an Islamic State car bomb successfuly reaching its target, however, the Iraqi’s claim they were able to evacuate the area, which hopefully is the case. The size of the resulting explosion is enormous. The Explosion is followed by a firefight between the Iraqi’s and the approacing Islamic State. Its Continue Reading ›

Syria: Seige Broken

Seige broken: Nubbul and al-Zahraa towns in the Aleppo province have been under 4 years of seige from the terrorist forces trapping inside some 70 000 residents in total. The Syrian Arab Army has now broken the seige following its recent advances in the region and delivered aid to the fighters and residents of the Continue Reading ›

Syria: Sheikh Maskin Liberated

Sheikh Maskin Liberated: The Syrian Army is on a roll, backed up by the big bear with its modern jets and high tech goodies. The SAA has recently recaptured Sheikh Maskin, a major town in the southern district of Daraa. As the SAA push towards the Israeli and Jordanian border, one would imagine that their Continue Reading ›

Syria: Northern Lattakia Offensive

Northern Lattakia Offensive: With the backing of the Russian Air Force the Syrian Arab army is making progress on all fronts against the Islamist terrorists. In particular there has been major advances in the northern Lattakia region, the same region where the Russian Jet was shot down by Turkish Forces. Now the Syrian Arab Army Continue Reading ›

Syria: Deir Ezzor

Deir Ezzor, a city of over 200 000 people is one of the major fronts in the war in Syria, if you look at the map you will see that it is the last place that the government has influence in in the east of the country. There is Raqqa to the north and Palmyra Continue Reading ›

Syria: SU24 Bombing Raid

SU24 Bombing Raid: Footage of an SU24 bombing raid from takeoff to landing. Russia says it carried out a strong air strike offensive in Deir Ezzor folowing the mass execution of civilians by Islamic State. The Russian military says it killed more than 60 Islamic State fighters in the raids.   Russia’s Aerospace Force hit almost Continue Reading ›

Syria: Russia Begins Humanitarian Aid

Russia Begins Humanitarian Aid: The Russian air force has begun humanitarian aid to various parts of Syria where there are trapped government forces and civilians who are besieged. In towns where the terrorists are in control, despite government efforts and air drops to provide humanitarian relief – on account of civilians who either escaped or Continue Reading ›

Iran: US Navy Captured

10 US Navy Sailors on 2 patrol boats were detained by Iranian Security services after they had entered Iranian territorial waters. The Sailors and their vessels were later realeased and the sailors made their way back to US ships all safe and accounted for. The captain for the US Sailors was televised saying that the Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Sultanahmet Suicide Bomb

Sultanahmet Suicide Bomb: The citizens of Turkey or in this case the tourists of Turkey suffered another terrorist attack. A lone suicide bomber, a 28 year old Saudi national by the name of Nabil Fadli, detonated explosives in Sultanahmet Square which is in a popular tourist area in the old town of Istanbul. 10 tourists Continue Reading ›