Iraq: Tank Takes Out Suicide Bomber

Tank takes out suicide bomber: In a remarkable bit of footage we see the Iraqi government forces in Ramadi spot a suicide bomber driving a vehicle towards them in the distance, before the Islamic State suicide bomber can get too close the tank operator manages to hit the moving vehicle with a tank shell causing Continue Reading ›

Syria: Operations in Sheikh Miskin, Dara’a

Operations in Sheikh Miskin:  Sheikh Miskin is a key area in the Syrian battle zone at the moment, the SAA are trying to secure the area in the southern province of the country which will allow them to push forward and elimate the remaining terrorists and restore the borders where they originally were up to Continue Reading ›

Saudi Arabia: Saudi beheads 47

Saudi beheads 47: On new years day Saudi Arabia undertook a small state sponsored killing spree chopping the heads off 47 people in one day as part of their law enforcment policy. One of the men beheaded, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, was a political opponant and critical of the house od Saud and was a prominent Shia Continue Reading ›

Bahrain: Protests

Bahrain protests: Violent protests in Bahrain by the Shia population againist the Saudi Backed ruling Sunni royal family have been ongoing for several years. Its rarely highlighted in the mainstream media of course, the west is quite happy with the staus quo in Bahrain and doesnt want any change, Bahrain doesnt need democracy like Libya Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Houthi attacks Saudi Positions

Houthi attacks Saudi Positions: The war between the Saudi coalition (supported by the US and its western allies) and the Houthis and Yemeni forces continues with no sign of letting up soon, the Saudi forces have brought in military help from their neighbours like Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE who all share the wahhabi ideology. Continue Reading ›

Syria: TOW Missile Dodge

TOW Missile Dodge: An incredible video of an unknown fighter in Syria allied to government forces, possibly Hezbollah, waiting till the very last moment before dodging a TOW missile. He (or she) waited to the last moment to ensure the TOW operator would miss their target, or maybe he only saw it coming at the Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Ramadi Recaptured

Ramadi Recaptured: A major victory for the Iraqi government and people, The Iraqi forces have all but completely recaptured Ramadi having lost the city to Islamic State in May 2015. This is a fantastic result for the Iraqi people except for those who want to live under a strict Sharia law which there will be Continue Reading ›

Syria: Terrorist leader Killed

Terrorist leader Killed: The terrorist (rebel) leader Zahran Alloush, son of a Saudi Wahhabi (Salafist) preacher, is killed in a Russian air strike. Western media reported this as the death of a Rebel leader but all those who follow the Syrian war closely and arn’t alligned with the neo con zionist plan recognise that this Continue Reading ›

Syria: Daesh Oil tankers targeted

(Islamic State)Daesh Oil tankers targeted: The Russian Air force targets Islamic State oil tankers that are on their way to Turkey where the oil will be sold and then laundered into world markets. Newswars is unaware of a single time that the US led co alition targeted these convoys in its 2 year offensive bombing Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA advances in Sheikh Miskin

SAA advances in Sheikh Miskin: The Syrian Arab Army with the support of Hezbollah, the Russian Air force and its volunteer militia forces have been making good progress against the internationally backed radical Islamist terrorist forces that have been rampaging trhough Syria. This is footage of their gains in Sheikh Miskin near the city of Continue Reading ›

Turkey: PKK Clashes

The PKK is the militant arm of the Kurds in Turkey. Turkey has been fighting the PKK for decades and thousands have lost their lives on both sides. The Turkish armed forces are currently engaged in fighting the PKK in the border region of Turkey where most of the residents consider themselves Kurdish rather than Continue Reading ›

Turkey: PKK Roadside Bomb

A PKK roadside bomb is detonated targeting a Turkish military convoy. The PKK and the Turks are engaged in some of the heaviest fighting between the two sides for some time. This footage is unconfimred but has appeared on several you tube channels all stating it was a PKK attack.

Syia: Aleppo combat footage

A compilation of recent footage from Aleppo, the majority of the footage is from the various militant terrorist groups fighting the Syrian government. The Syrian government backed by Hezbollah and the Russian Air force are making advances all around the country now including surrounding areas of Aleppo. Aleppo is a key battle ground and should Continue Reading ›


SAA MLRS: Footage of the Syrian Arab Army launching rockets from the MLRS in the Latakia countryside. This would be targeting any number of terrorist groups but not Islamic State as they are not in this province. Clearly this weapon is not a precision instrument so one would expect that the small village that is Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Operation Ramadi

Operation Ramadi: Footage of the Iraq forces and there allies working towards the liberation of Ramadi.

Syria: SAA advance in Aleppo province

SAA advance in Aleppo: SAA/Hezbollah Operations south of Jabal al-Arba’ain in which 5 villages were captured ( Qurayhah, Murayqis, Abu Ruwayl, Saibiyah and Dulamah)

Syria: Russian Bomber Shot Down

Russian bomber shot down: A Russian SU 24 bomber has been shot down by an F16 based in Turkey. The Turks claim that the jet had crossed into Turkish territory however the Russians have denied this. Even if it did it would have been for a matter of seconds and the Turks knew full well Continue Reading ›

Syria: S400 Air Defense Deployed

The Russian s400 air defense has been deployed following the shooting down of a Russian Jet by an F16 based in Turkey. The Russians have decided to deploy their most advance air defense system in their base in Latakia, Syria. The s400 takes no prisoners, it doesn’t matter what aircraft your in, if your within Continue Reading ›

Syria: TU-160 Cruise Missile Launch

The TU-160 Strategic bomber is filmed launching a cruise missile on terrorist targets in Syria, incredible footage.

Lebanon: Terrorist bomb

A terrorist bomb was detonated in Lebanon in a predominantly Hezbollah Shia area killing over 40 people and injuring more than two hundred. It received a fraction of the attention in mainstream western media than the Paris bomb did, the raw truth of which is that people in the west just don’t care that much. Continue Reading ›

Syria: Kuweires Military Airbase

Kuweires Military Airbase was was under siege from Islamic State for over two years, in that time several hundred Syrian Soldiers resisted attempts by IS to capture the base. Trapped inside they had to grow their own food and often went without eating for several days. Their heroic efforts were rewarded in the last few Continue Reading ›

Syria: Russian Bombers

Long range strategic Russian bombers as well as additional Sukhoi fighters have been deployed in the air campaign against Islamic State in Syria. This came into effect shortly after the official announcement from the FSB that they determined that a bomb was used to bring doewn the Russian passenger jet over the Sinai desert. The Continue Reading ›