Saudi Arabia: Houthi Incursion

Houthi Incursion into the Saudi border region in the town of Al-Rabuah. Despite Saudi Arabia being supplied the most modern weapons money can buy from the West and continuously bombing one of the poorest nations on earth in an attempt to reinstate their puppet dictator, they are unable to best the Houthi and the Yemen Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Baiji Operations continue

Baiji, Iraqi military operations continue against IS in Iraq supported by the Hezbollah brigades.

Syria: Russian Mi-24’s striking insurgents

Russian Mi-24’s: The Russian air force continue their operations in Syria supporting the government troops in targeting and destroying all terrorist threats.According to the Russian authorities in the few weeks they have been operating they have destroyed 40% of terrorist infrastructure in Syria, killing thousands of Terrorists, dozens of command centers, training camps, ammo stores Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle of Baiji

Battle of Baiji: Iraqi forces have now recaptured Baiji with its oil refinery. This is footage from Iraqi soldiers of the 66th Brigade.

Iraq: Car bomb taken out

An Islamic State Car Bomb is identified by Hezbollah fighters in Iraq which they promptly take out before it gets a chance to reach its intended target. The size of the explosion when the explosives of the car bomb detonate is staggering when you consider that the terrorist forces have been using bombs like these Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Russian Cruise Missiles

Russian Cruise Missiles caught on camera flying though Iraq on their way to hit targets in Syria. The Russians took their opportunity to show the world that they too have toys that need to be taken seriously. The western powers are being made to look increasingly impotent with their middle east strategy in that Russia Continue Reading ›

Syria: Nusra Front Film SAA Using Russian MLRS

Nusra Front western backed terrorists get to witness the power of it first hand before they lose control of this village and several others shortly after this attack. The Russians have provided the SAA with MLRS rocket systems which are highly effective.

Syria: Russian Choppers Engage Terrorists

Russian choppers showing western backed Takfiri terrorists some of their Russian hardware. The Russians are attacking all terrorist positions in Syria, that includes Islamic State, Al Nusra Front and any other group that has taken up arms against the Syrian government. So called moderates don’t actually exist, in any case what is supposed to be Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Ankara Bomb

Ankara bomb: The aftermath of a disgusting terrorist attack on a socialist peace protest/demonstration in which over 80 people have been murdered.

Syria: Syrian tank saved by a post

A Syrian tank is saved by a post, after Western backed so called moderates launch a missile at it, a remarkable video.

Syria: Russian MI-24 “Hind” in combat

Russian Mi-24 “hind” in combat in Syria

Syria: Russian Air Strikes

More air strike footage from Russian Jets on Terrorist positions in Syria.

Syria: Syrian Air Strike

A Syrian Air Strike against IS targets East of Damascus.

Iraq: Al Anbar Front Line

Al Anbar, Iraq, footage from military action on the front line against Islamic State

Yemen: Houthi Ambush

Houthi Ambush: The Yemeni Army in conjunction with militias and the Houthis are still managing to launch their own offensive attacks in addition to defending their territory from the Western backed Saudi coalition that are trying to reinstate their puppet leader Hadi back into Yemen. 100’s of coalition troops that are mainly Saudi and UAE Continue Reading ›

Yemen: Qasr Hotel Bombed

The Qasr hotel in Aden in Yemen which housed the former Saudi backed Government officials that are trying to reinstate themselves back in to Yemen has been hit by Rocket fire and a car bomb. Islamic State has claimed responsibility. A strange turn of events as the Islamic militants in Yemen in addition to the Continue Reading ›

Syria: Russian Air Strikes

Russian Air Strikes: Incredible footage of Russian air strikes in coordination with a helicopter gunship rocket attack on terrorist positions in Syria.

Syria: First Russian Air Strikes

First Russian Air Strikes: Some of the first footage of air strikes in Syria by the Russian air force on the terrorist camps.

Syria: Russia in Syria

Russia in Syria: Russia is turning up the heat in Syria and ruining the Zionist new world order game plan it seems. This is footage of four Russian SU 24’s and a tanker in the skies of Syria. Russia has recently committed military assistance in a much more involved way in Syria. Russia has the Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Under Sniper Fire

Under sniper fire, this Iraqi soldier has to face death in this moment. He is under the scope of a sniper and is trapped, can he escape to safer ground without the sniper killing him?

Syria: Zabadani

Zabadani is all but in the hands of the Syrian government now, there is currently a cease fire whilst the last remaining terrorists negotiate their surrender. Despite Israels best efforts to support Al Nusra front in this city and the surrounding areas the legitimate government has claimed it back for the Syrian people. The Syrian Continue Reading ›

Saudi Arabia: Houthi Ambush Convoy

Whilst the cowardly western backed Saudi coalition uses its military might against one of the poorest nations on earth, the Houthi’s and the Yemeni army have invaded Southern Saudi Arabia  and are making constant attacks against the Saudi Army with a great deal of success. This is footage of an ambush on a Saudi convey Continue Reading ›