Yemen: Saudi Air Strikes

Compilation of Saudi Air Strikes on the Yemeni people that have largely been hitting civilian infrastructure. The Houthi’s in conjunction with the Yemeni Army have been fighting Al Qaeda, Islamic State and the western backed Saudi Coalition which seeks to reinstate the ousted Hadi. Hadi is a Saudi puppet and by extension a western puppet. Continue Reading ›

Syria: Syrian Air Strikes

Syrian Air Strikes: Footage of Syrian Air Force air strikes on terrorist positions in Darayya, south of Damascus

Syria: Zabadani, reasoning with a terrorist

During a short truce on the battlefield in Zabadani, a Hezbollah soldier (categorised as a terrorist by the west) tries to explain the bigger picture to a volunteer fighting for an Islamic terrorist group. The terrorist thinks he is fighting for a particular cause but the Hezbollah soldier tries to explain he is a pawn Continue Reading ›

Syria: SAA and Hezbollah assault Zabadani

Zabadani is a key town  in Syria on its western side, whilst under the occupation of Al Nusra Front it provided the main gateway to secure weapons for terrorist attacks on Damascus, in addition it aided the transfer of terrorists and weapons between Lebanon and Syria. The Syrian Arab Army aided by Hezbollah have been Continue Reading ›

Saudi Arabia: Houthi rocket attack on Saudi tank

Saudi Arabia and its regional allies, backed by the west, continue their assault on Yemen with airstrikes and now a ground invasion, however the Houthi are making inroads of their own into the border areas of Saudi Arabia. This is dramatic footage of the Houthis launching a rocket and destroying a Saudi Tank

Iraq: Iraq special forces engage IS

Iraq Special forces combat IS near Ramadi

Iraq: Iraq Army and Hezbollah combats IS in Baiji

The Iraq army and Hezbolloah assaulting IS and recapturing Tel Abu Jared outside Baiji in Iraq.

Iraq: Iraqi Commandos engage IS

Iraqi commandos engage IS in street to street combat east of Ramadi

Yemen: Saudi ground invasion

Saudi Ground Invasion. Despite a mainstream news blackout on Yemen it has become apparent that the Saudi led coalition has started its ground offensive in Yemen against the Yemeni Army and Houthis who are fighting together. The Saudis may not have actually committed just their own forces to the invasion as it appears that at Continue Reading ›

Syria: Syria Air Strike

Syria air strike. Footage of a Syrian Arab Army Air force jet striking terrorist targets in Jobar.

Palestine: Palestinian Shot by IDF

Two teen unarmed Palestinian protesters have been shot by Israel defense Forces whilst protesting the theft of their land by Israel. Recently, Israeli settlers who live on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank set fire to Palestinian homes killing an 18 month old toddler. Following the death of the toddler there were protests in Continue Reading ›

Syria: Battle of Darayya 3

A video from the ANNA news team embedded with the Syrian ARAB Army as they take on Al Nusra Front terrorists in Darayya.

Syria: IS tank destroyed

The Syrian Arab Army use a drone to film the destruction of an IS tank by a Syrian Air Force Jet.

Iraq: Iraqi Forces under attack in Tikrit

The Battle of Tikrit: Never shown footage filmed by soldiers of the Iraqi army during the defence of the campus of the Tikrit university against ISIS terrorists. There is air support at the end which could be a coalition aircraft or Iraqi. The Iraqi’s have complained that there is no co operation with the coalition Continue Reading ›

Palestine: IDF commander shoots dead stone thrower

Video footage shows that Israeli commander shot and killed Palestinian teen, Muhammad Ali-Kosba, 17, while he fled after throwing a stone. The unlawful killing got immediate backing from top military and civilian officials. B’Tselem’s findings indicate that Muhammad ‘Ali-Kosba threw a stone at the windshield of Binyamin Brig. Commander Shomer, shattering it, and then fled Continue Reading ›

Turkey: Suruc Suicide bomber

Suruc Suicide bomber. On the 20th July a suicide bomber detonated explosives that killed 31 and over 100 members of the Socialist Youth Associations Federation, who were gather in the town prior to departing for Kobani in Syria on a mission to help re build the town that has been devastated by war. Kobani is Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Assault on Fallujah

Extensive footage of an Iraqi army operation against ISIS positions east of Fallujah

Syria: Hezbollah guided missile

Hezbollah launch a guided missile at an Al Nusra Front vehicle in the Qalamoun region

Yemen: Houthi engage Saudi Tanks

In Yemen, whist the Saudis are trying to win a war by ariel bombardment, the Houthi have decided to make ground attacks on the Saudi’s on Saudi territory, with considerable success. They have captured several military bases in recent weeks. This is footage of desert engagements between Yemeni ground forces and Saudi tanks.

Iraq: Battle for Beiji

The Iraqi Army, Hezbollah brigade and other militia and volunteer forces have been working together to reclaim the land in Iraq lost to Islamic State. The City Of Beiji has been recaptured by the Iraqi government, an important city as it has a large oil refinery. However, the city has been under the control of Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Beiji under seige.

The Iraqi army attempt to reclaim the city of Beiji from Islamic State, here are some Russian supplied TOS-1 MLRS thermobaric in action.

Syria: Qalamoun

Hezbollah and the SAA are working together to free the Qalamoun region that borders both Lebanon and Syria from Al Nusra front militants. Much progress has been made recently and this is footage of a recent capture of the Chehade crossing near Jerajeer.