Syria: Jobar fortified assault from the south part 12

One of the AnnaNews videos, unfortunately there is no English subs which they used to have, perhaps they will get them back. The continuing commentary of the SAA’s assault on Jobar to retake the city from the Wahhabi militants.

Yemen: Saudi led coalition launch air strikes against Houthi Rebels.

Saudi Arabia along with other aligned middle east nations have launched an attack on Yemen following the Shia Houthi rebellion gaining even more ground in Yemen. At this juncture of events its very easy to now distinguish the division within the middle east amongst the Muslim nations. Iran, Syria and Iraq are aligned, although Iraq Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Tikrit, on board an Iraqi Attack Helicopter

Attack chopper launching rockets and strafing with mini gun on Takfiri positions around Tikrit. The siege of Tikrit continues with the Iraqi army reportedly now in control of half of the city, Iraqi’s armed forces say the remaining Takfiri militants number about 60-70 and are trapped in the centreof the city. There an estimated 10000 Continue Reading ›

Syria: Heavy Clashes Between Militants And Syrian Army In Latakia

Takfiri Militants in heavy clashes during fighting with the Syrian Army in the Latakia province near the Turkish border. The region is the ancestral home of the Assad family and a stronghold of his troops. The Latakia province is place of heavy fighting since the beginning of the war in Syria. The militants launched several Continue Reading ›

Bahrain: Protesters clash with police

13/03/05 Fierce clashes between government forces and revolutionaries in Bahrain

Iraq: The battle for Tikrit

Iraqi forces lay seige to Tikrit in an attempt to win it back from IS.

Syria: SAA advancing on Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army supported by Hezbollah is continuing its offensive against the foreign backed Wahhabi Islamist fighters, most of whom are from other countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya and Chechnya. Aleppo a major city in the north of the country near the Turkish borders is now being approached by the SAA. The SAA Continue Reading ›

Syria: Jobar, powerful attack from the east Part 10

More footage from the NewsAnna team embedded with the SAA. No english subs unfortunately, however the video gives a realistic sense of what its like on the ground.

Bahrain: Uprising

30/01/15 Footage of clashes between authorities and protesters against the ruling royal family

Palestine: Bil’in, West Bank

06/02/15 Another protest in the occupied West Bank.

Syria: Jobar Assualt from the east

From the Newsanna team embedded with the Syrian army. No english subs.

Bahrain: Continued uprising

23/01/15 The uprising in Bahrain has been ongoing for several years now with very little coverage by any mainstream media. Footage of clashes between Shia protesters and the Sunni authorities under the ruling western backed royal family.