USA: Vegas Mass Shooting

On the night of October 1st, on the Las Vegas Strip , a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino Hotel, onto a large crowd of people below who were attending the route 91 Harvest Music Festival. On stage at the time was Jason Aldean a country music Continue Reading ›

Caribbean: Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria struck the island of Dominica on the 19th September as a category 5 Hurricane, it killed 15 people before moving on to wreak more devastation on Puerto Rico. Maria had lost some strength when it made landfall on Puerto Rica and had become a category 4 hurricane, still carrying wind speeds of up Continue Reading ›

Mexico: Earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck central Mexico on the 19th of September. Over 230 people have now been confirmed dead and there are over 800 casualites.        

USA: Hurricane Irma

Having begun life on August 30th off the West Coast of Africa, by September 6th, Hurricane Irma had crossed the Atlantic and had become a category five hurricane with wind speeds up to 185mph. Irma ripped through the Caribbean as a category five leaving a path of devastation before reaching Florida in the US on Continue Reading ›

USA: Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is still raging in the USA having already claimed 16 lives so far. As the wettest tropical cyclone on record in the United States it has caused massive flood damage in addition to the loss of life, in particular in Texas. At its strongest it was a category four hurricane, just when it Continue Reading ›

USA: Anti Trump Protests

The United States, like so many other countries across the globe, has discovered how polarized it’s society really is now liberalism has been shoved down our throats for the last twenty years. Since the election of Donald Trump there have been nightly protests across the cities of the United States.   The mainstream media of Continue Reading ›

USA: Trump Becomes President of the United States


Jamaica: Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was a category 5 Hurricane but dropped in power to 4 a few days ago. It’s the strongest Hurricane to hit the Caribbean since 2007. It has passed though Jamiaca, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti and is heading towards the Bahamas and Florida.          

USA: Hillary Clinton is Sick

Hillary Clinton is sick: For many months there has been speculation that Hillary Clinton is in fact quite unwell,  possibly suffering from Parkinsons disease. The rumours began when Hillary was seen to be unstable on her feet, needing help getting up a small flight of stairs and bouts of strange head bobbing. In adddition her Continue Reading ›

USA: Baton Rouge Louisiana floods.

Baton Rouge Louisiana floods: Baton Rouge is in the global news for the second time in a few months. After the police shooting now the town has suffered severe flooding. Thousands of houses were submerged with tens of thousands of people being evacuated. 13 people lost their lives.    

USA: Baton Rouge Cop Killings

Baton Rouge Police Shootout: Following on from the shooting of Alten Sterling, and many other incidents that have made the news in recent years. Whereby it appears as if black males seem to die at the hands of the police in a manner that varies from questionable to outright cold  blooded murder. A lone gunmen, Continue Reading ›

USA: Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling Shot Dead

Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling Shot Dead: On July 5th Another black civilian is shot dead by the police, this time in Louisiana. Footage had emerged of two policeman pinning the suspect down and then shooting him several times in the chest at close range. They shout verbal warnings to him and say that he has Continue Reading ›

USA: Dallas Shooter Kills Five Police

Dallas Shooter kills 5 police: Following on from the recent killings of two black citizens in the US by the police force, a retaliatory attack has occured in downtown Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest march. The suspect, named as Michah Johnson (and black if your wondering) is now deceased after an armed standoff Continue Reading ›

USA: Falcon Heights officer kills driver after broken light traffic stop

Falcon Heights officer kills driver after broken light stop: Every year in the US over a thousand citizens are shot dead by the police. Proportionately to the population blacks get shot more than any other racial group. Its become a regular occurance that videos appear of police officers shooting civilians that are unarmed, tunning away, Continue Reading ›

Canada: Fort McMurray Wildfire

Fort McMurray Wildfire: On May 1st in a remote area near Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, a wild fire began, cause unknown. By May 7th the fire had grown to the size of 1500 square km. The fire is massive and out of control with high temperatures and strong winds only serving to fuel the fire. Continue Reading ›

USA: LaVoy Finicum shooting

LaVoy Finicum shooting: Lavoy Finicum was a member of the Bundy protest group that took over the wildlife reserve in protest at the treatment of ranchers by the Bureau of Land Management and the improsonment of a fellow rancher for burning crops and using fires illegally allegedly, and was then prosecuted under a terrorist act. Continue Reading ›

USA: Bundy Militia Oregan Standoff

Bundy Militia Oregan Standoff : In Oregan, Ammon Bundy and his armed militia group have taken over a federal building, a wildlife refuge HQ owned by the “Bureau of Land Management” or BLM, in protest at numerous issues they have with the federal government. The main catalyst for this event was the arrest and prosecution Continue Reading ›

USA: Shooting in San Bernardino

Shooting in San Bernardino, California: According to reports, On Dec 2nd, in a Public Health Authority centre, employees were attending a training event that would become a Christmas party.  Syed Rizwan Farook was at the event as he was one of the employees. He left the event early and returned with his wife where they Continue Reading ›

USA: Laquan McDonald Shot Dead

Laquan McDonald has been shot dead by Chicago police for no apparent reason, well there certainly doesn’t seem to be a threat posed by the Black teen towards the officers at the scene. Granted he didn’t throw himself on the floor with his hands behind his back but that seems to be enough reason to Continue Reading ›

Mexico: Hurricane Patricia

Hurricane Patricia is the largest recorded hurricane in the western hemisphere to hit land. A category 5 it doesn’t get any bigger than this with winds in excess of 200mph. However, the power of Patricia weakened considerably as it endured over Mexico’s rugged terrain, in addition the winds weakened considerably within a short distance from Continue Reading ›

USA: South Carolina Flooding

South Carolina Flooding: Flooding that happens once every thousand years has hot South Carolina. At least 17 have died as a result of the flooding so far.

USA: US Police shoot man with hands up

US Police kill another civilian. The amount of footage of police violence that comes out of the US is astonishing. Here is another example of US police, in Texas this time,  killing a civilian who has his arms in the air and has submitted peacefully to the police, what they didn’t know is that they Continue Reading ›