Turkey: Coup Attempt

Coup Attempt: On the night of the 15th July, a section of the Turkish military, several thousand in strength attempted a military coup. Ultimately it failed as the rebels made what appear to be some pretty basic errors. For instance they neglected to capture the president and he was then able to rally his supporters Continue Reading ›

France: Nice Truck Attack

Warning, Graphic and upsetting content.   Nice Truck Attack: July 14 is Bastille day, a national celebration for the French. On July 14th of this year, there was a fireworks display on the beach in Nice attended by thousands of people. Families, mums, dads and kids. In what can only be described as a sickening Continue Reading ›

USA: Baton Rouge Cop Killings

Baton Rouge Police Shootout: Following on from the shooting of Alten Sterling, and many other incidents that have made the news in recent years. Whereby it appears as if black males seem to die at the hands of the police in a manner that varies from questionable to outright cold  blooded murder. A lone gunmen, Continue Reading ›

USA: Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling Shot Dead

Baton Rouge. Alton Sterling Shot Dead: On July 5th Another black civilian is shot dead by the police, this time in Louisiana. Footage had emerged of two policeman pinning the suspect down and then shooting him several times in the chest at close range. They shout verbal warnings to him and say that he has Continue Reading ›

USA: Dallas Shooter Kills Five Police

Dallas Shooter kills 5 police: Following on from the recent killings of two black citizens in the US by the police force, a retaliatory attack has occured in downtown Dallas at a Black Lives Matter protest march. The suspect, named as Michah Johnson (and black if your wondering) is now deceased after an armed standoff Continue Reading ›

Syria: Al-Mallah farms, Aleppo

Al-Mallah farms: A major event has happened in the war in Syria in the last couple of days. The SAA and allies have managed to reach Castello Road in northern Aleppo city, its the last road that the terrorists in northern Aleppo can use to resupply themselves from Turkey… or escape. The road runs through Continue Reading ›

USA: Falcon Heights officer kills driver after broken light traffic stop

Falcon Heights officer kills driver after broken light stop: Every year in the US over a thousand citizens are shot dead by the police. Proportionately to the population blacks get shot more than any other racial group. Its become a regular occurance that videos appear of police officers shooting civilians that are unarmed, tunning away, Continue Reading ›

Iraq: IS Baghdad Bombs

IS Baghdad Bombs: On the 3rd of July, Baghdad, witnessed another horrific attack on innocent civilians, just the latest horror in a horror story that now stretches back the best part of 30 years. Over 250 people were killed and hundreds injured after Islamic State suicide bombers detonated their explosives in a busy Shia shopping Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Fallujah Taken

Fallujah taken: The Iraqi government forces and aligned militias have recaptured Fallujah from Islamic State. Good going lads, now keep pushing forward.

Turkey: Ataturk Airport Explosions

Ataturk Airport Explosions:  On the 28th June, 45 people lost their lives and 230 were injured in a terrorist arrack on Turkey’s larget airport, Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. Anyone familiar with Turkeys founding father Mustafa Kemal, otherwise known as Ataturk will know that he founded a secular country where religion and government are split. Continue Reading ›

France: Protests against labour reform.

Protests against labour reform: Mass protests in France have been going on for some weeks now. The people are protesting against the changes to the labour laws that in effect take away workers rights and privileges and give more power to companies/employers over their workforce. President Hollande who is apparently a socialist, has refused to Continue Reading ›

UK: Brexit Farage victory speech and final speech at EU

Brexit Farage victory speech and final speech at EU: Nigel Farage member of the European Parliament and leader of the UK Independance Party has led the United Kingdom to a referendum in which a majority of people have now voted to leave the EU. Had it not been for the pressure Farage and UKIP put Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle of Fallujah

Battle of Fallujah: Footage of Iraqi forces fighting their way into the center of the city. Fallujah will soon be under the complete control of the Iraqi government.

Syria: SAA enter Raqqa

SAA enter Raqqa: The Syrian Arab Army have entered Raqqa province as they march towards Raqqa city where they will inflict the final defeat on the Islamic State terrorists if there is any justice in this world. The SAA are in Raqqa for the first time since 2014, they have liberated the strategic Zakiyah crossroad, Continue Reading ›

Syria: Aleppo Intesifies

Aleppo Intesifies: Footage of Syrian government reinforcements preparing to enter the battlefield in Aleppo. The battle of Aleppo is intense, the foreign backed terrorists are desperate to hang on to what they have left and are sending thousands of rockets into the government held civilian areas, meanwhile the western media makes up false and distorted Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Assualt on Fallujah

Assualt on Fallujah: The Iraqi government forces have begun their assualt on the Islamic State held city of Fallujah. To have been a resident of Fallujah in the last 30 years is to have become familiar with hell itself one would imagine.  The residents have endured the invasions and occupation of the Western forces when Continue Reading ›

Iraq: Battle of Fallujah

Battle of Fallujah: Footage from the operations against islamic State as the Iraqi government forces attempt to retake Fallujah.  

Syria: Assault on Raqqa

Assault on Raqqa: The Kurdish YPG with the support of over 500 US soldiers have begun the push to make an assault on Raqqa. There is some territory to gain before they reach the outskirts of the city but they have recently captured several small towns/villages.   Syria is a war where to the casual Continue Reading ›

Syria: Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta Recent Operations

Footage from some of the Syrian government offensives in Deir Ezzor and Eastern Ghouta.  

Syria: Aleppo,Descent into a living Hell

Descent into a living Hell is the title of this video, it depicts life in Aleppo at the moment with raw footage from the atrocities on the ground. Aleppo is, or was at least Syria’s largest city and major trade hub. For the duration of the war the city has been split into two areas Continue Reading ›

Canada: Fort McMurray Wildfire

Fort McMurray Wildfire: On May 1st in a remote area near Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada, a wild fire began, cause unknown. By May 7th the fire had grown to the size of 1500 square km. The fire is massive and out of control with high temperatures and strong winds only serving to fuel the fire. Continue Reading ›

Equador: Earthquake

Earthquake: On April 16th ECT an Earthquake hit Equador with a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale. This can be considered a very powerful earthquake and consequently over 16 500 people were injured and over 650 people have been killed. The epicentre was in a fairly rural part of the country, over 100km from Continue Reading ›