The Houthis and Yemeni army, in their war against Saudi Arabia and its allies, have destroyed another warship. HSV-2 was on lease to the UAE from the United States. The war ship is a catamaran that is used for logistical and troop transport purposes. Yemen is one of the poorest nations on earth and is fighting a war against its much larger neighbour Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, whose religious ideology of wahhabism is the same head chopping, women abusing ideology of the Islamist terrorists roaming across Syria, Iraq and Libya. Strangely though, Saudi Arabia enjoys strong support from the west. Not only does the UK and US sell Saudi Arabia billions of dollars of weaponry, they even send their own officers to assist with the Saudi crackdown on the state of Yemen. According to the British government, they are assisting Saudi Arabia to reinstall the democratically elected leader Hadi who has been driven to exile in Saudi Arabia. By democratic they must be referring to the elections where Hadi was the only candidate in the presidential race?